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Nicci fires lightning using Additive Magic

Additive Magic was one of two sides of the gift.


Additive was the usual side that the gifted were born with; however three thousand years ago, during the great war, it wasn't unusual for gifted to be born with both Additive and Subtractive Magic.

Additive Magic was the power to add to something that is there, multiply it or turn it into something new. When the Wizards of old altered reality, they used Additive to add to or change traits that were required for the task that the being or object was to be transformed to perform.

The Additive side of the gift was often thought of as the magic of life, while Subtractive was thought of as the magic of death. This is why the pristinely ungifted were unaffected by Additive, yet affected by Subtractive Magic.


Additive magic has many applications. Some of the most notable include:

  • Wizard's fire - done through sucking the surrounding heat to the Wizard's hands, multiplying this and shooting it at its target as fire.
  • Lightning - by multiplying the surrounding heat the Wizard or Sorceress creates a spark which can be shot from their hands.
  • Air Manipulation - by manipulating the density and flow of air around them a Wizard is able to move objects telekinetically.
  • Shields - can be created through Air Manipulation.
  • Healing - because additive is the magic of life, healing is done with additive by extracting the pain from the sick to the gifted body.