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It was exceedingly rare for a sorceress to be that strong in the gift.
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Adie was a very powerful sorceress, often referred to as the Bone Woman, due to her knowledge of bones of magic. In her native Nicobarese, Adie was condemned for having been born with the gift and as such she was forbidden from using her power. However, after a merciless attack by the Blood of the Fold, which left her husband dead, and her blinded, Adie embraced her talents as a sorceress; having studied with the Sisters of the Light and other sorceresses throughout the New and Old Worlds, Adie developed an almost unrivaled knowledge of magic.

At the conclusion of the D'Haran War, Adie felt the rising of the boundaries and dedicated herself to studying their unique power. However, after spending years at this task, Adie committed herself to defending the free people of the New World, using her knowledge of magic to aid in the struggle against Darken Rahl and to protect the subjects of the D'Haran Empire during the Imperial Order War.


Early life[]

Adie was born in the town of Choora, in the land of Nicobarese. In Nicobarese those with the gift were frowned upon and were required to give an oath that they would not use their power unless sanctioned by the King or his circle. Adie too gave this oath and was lectured on the wickedness of the gift everyday.

Adie's mother was a skip and did not have the gift, yet her grandmother Lindel was gifted. Lindel chose to have no part in teaching Adie to use the gift, as she strictly adhered to the soul oath she had given. Adie learned about her power as she and the gift grew. One day while out with her parents, a building caught fire. Inside was a young girl, a friend of sorts to Adie. No one was able to reach her, so Adie reached out with the gift and caused the fire to be extinguished. Everybody knew that Adie was gifted and so immediately realized what she had done. Adie's grandmother was furious and both Adie and the girl. She whipped the girl and Adie was whipped and marched bloody and naked around the King's circle.

Adie was marched naked before the King's Circle and whipped. The girl never spoke to Adie again and Adie had her head shaved, to show that none was lower than she. Grandmother Lindel then began to teach Adie about the gift, so she would know what it was and how to avoid using it. Adie rarely saw her parents again after that.


When she was nineteen Adie met a young man named Pell. They fell in love and wished to be married, however the King's Circle demanded Adie be married to a man from a neighboring town, as it was "good luck" to have a sorceress bind towns in such a way. Adie pleaded with Grandmother Lindel to intervene and after much persuasion Lindel did so. Adie and Pell married.

Eventually Adie fell pregnant and one night as she and Pell were walking by the mill, they noticed something strange, so they entered to see if everything was alright. Inside the Blood of the Fold captured them. Each was severely tortured and asked to name the other as a baneling. Neither did so, so the leader Mathrin Galliene poured a liquid down Adie's throat that removed her ability to talk. He then brought her into the room where Pell was being tortured and accused her of naming Pell a baneling. Pell asked her to say it was not so, but she was unable to speak. Mathrin slit Pell's throat and then poured the substance in Adie's eyes, making her blind. The fact that Pell had died thinking Adie had betrayed him enraged her.

Adie let go of her oath and set her gift loose around the room. She ripped every living thing to shreds and then counted the bodies by touch and realized one had escaped. Adie's gift guided her to her Grandmother's home. Lindel first asked if Adie had used her gift and in Adie's rage she threw her against the wall with her gift. Lindel was powerful and fought back, but Adie was stronger, much stronger and bested her with little effort. Adie's voice eventually returned, but her sight did not.

Lindel hid Adie from the King's Circle and taught her how to see with the aid of the gift. Eventually more Blood of the Fold came, along with Mathrin Galliene. Adie glared at them through her gifted sight and killed each. Adie delivered a message to one soldier and had him deliver it to the King.

Studying the gift[]

Adie left Nicobarese, but bonded Mathrin's life to hers, forcing him to come to her every full moon. Each time Adie met Mathrin she would cut something from him. Adie traveled the Midlands and learned from sorceresses things about the underworld. She hoped to deliver a message to Pell, letting him know that she did not betray him. As time went by Adie cut the bond to Mathrin and was surprised when he returned to her next full-moon. She then knew that he was a baneling and tortured his secret from him.

Adie traveled to the Old World and learned from the Sisters of the Light for a time. Here she met Verna Sauventreen, Althea and Lathea. It was also where she came into possession of the Skrin Bone. Adie eventually returned to the New World and felt the boundaries come into existence and using her knowledge of such things discovered a pass in the one between the Midlands and Westland. Here she decided to reside and continue to attempt to make contact with Pell. Adie lost her foot to a gripper in the pass and even bested a skrin in battle there.

Around the time of Richard's birth, Annalina Aldurren, Nathan Rahl and George Cypher, appeared at Adie's home seeking aid through the pass in the boundary, which she granted them.

Fighting Rahl[]

Aiding the Seeker[]

Many years later, standing outside of her house, leaning on her crutches in the rain, Adie watched with her gifted sight as Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell approached her house. Richard dismounted, so as not to show disrespect towards the older woman. Richard asked for her aid in healing his companions, Zedd and Adie's own friend, Chase. In return, Richard said that he and Kahlan would offer her a large amount of supplies. Adie quickly replied that this is a lie, that only Richard had the idea of offering her the supplies. Richard was puzzled as to how there was a difference, though Adie was quick to point out that there could not be any more difference.

Adie had Richard and Kahlan bring their companions inside her house, where they discovered why it was she was known as the bone woman; every corner of her house was filled with the bones of exotic looking beasts. Richard noticed that Adie was completely dry, yet he and Kahlan were dripping wet from the rain. As such he quickly understood that Adie was a woman to be reckoned with, who had powers the Sword of Truth would be useless to defend against.

Adie told Richard that Zedd was a very dangerous man, causing him to lash out and protest that "he has never shown me anything but kindness and compassion. He is a gentle man." Adie replied that though that may be true, he was still dangerous.

When Richard asked her if she could heal his friends, Adie told him that just by being in the vicinity of her house would heal his companions, though it would take many days. Adie used her power and a bone rattle to wake both Zedd and Chase up, though in a state where they can hear or see nothing, gave them food and water and then allowed them to slip back into unconsciousness.

Adie announced that Kahlan was hiding something from Richard, that Zedd was hiding something from Richard and that Richard was hiding something from both of them. When asked which of the secrets she knew, Adie revealed that she only knew Kahlan's. Adie also said in a cryptic manner that Richard possessed the magic of the teeth, while Kahlan had the magic of the tongue; though the magic of the teeth is hidden within her. When Richard asked what this meant, Adie placed her hand on his shoulder and a vision of Kahlan using words to prevent violence only the night before, filled his mind. Kahlan grabbed Adie by the wrist and asked her to cease what she was doing, as Kahlan was sworn to protect Richard with her life and knew not what Adie could do with a single touch. For a brief moment Adie's face showed fear and Richard then understood that Kahlan had a frightful power, though unlike Adie he does not realise she is a Confessor.

During dinner, it was revealed that Adie once knew Kahlan's mother and gave her a necklace that protected Kahlan from harm while in her womb. She then delivered an identical bone necklace to Kahlan, telling her that it would cloak her from the beasts that live within the pass that they must pass through to gain entry into the Midlands. When Richard asked why he was not also given a bone, Adie reached up and touched the tooth hanging below his shirt and replied, "You need no bone, Hartlander. The beasts cannot see you." Adie also gave a Night Stone to Richard.

It soon became clear that Richard would be unable to stay at Adie's home to wait for Zedd and Chase to recover, and so he hesitantly chose to leave without them. Adie promised to deliver a message both to Zedd and to Chase when they awoke. As they are leaving Richard expressed to Kahlan his like for Adie, after learning that she was a sorceress and his wish, that she would be safe after the boundary failed.

Several days after the departure of Richard and Kahlan, Zedd awoke. Adie delivered Richard's message to him and also told Zedd that she had given Richard a night stone. Zedd was furious at this, but soon realized that it was the only way for Richard to pass safely through the pass in the boundary. Zedd then invited Adie to join him on his Wizard's rock, naked. Before his departure, Zedd also used his gift to restore Adie's missing foot, a painful experience for her, and the foot was a few inches too short.

Tear in the veil[]


Underworld illness[]

Loss of memories[]

After Adie was scratched by the claw of a skeletal skrin, and after several unsuccessful attempts by Zedd (Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander) to cure them of their malady, during which Zedd was infected with the same underworld illness, Zedd and Adie sought out the aid of the sorceresses in Nicobarese. Once at Nicobarese, the three sisters revealed that though they would be able to heal them of their ailment, it would result in the pair losing their gifts, as well as their memories. Once this process was completed, Zedd and Adie's coach driver, Ahern, informed them of what had happened and that the only means of regaining their gifts and their memories would be a powerful emotional jolt. Ahern took the pair to the Wizard's Keep in Aydindril. It was only after Kahlan Amnell tells her that she had spoken to Pell that she is able to remember everything and to recover her memories and her power.

A message from beyond[]

Imperial Order War[]

Battling the Blood of the Fold[]

As Adie and Kahlan are captured by the Blood of the Fold Adie uses her powers to kill hundreds of soldiers. The aftermath of the battle is devastating. Even Kahlan is surprised that Adie possessed such skills in magic. However, Adie is weak after the fight. That did not stop her from casting out a shield to save Kahlan's life. Adie becomes drained of her power and they are captured.


As Adie and Kahlan are captured Adie becomes imprisoned by a Rada Han. Later though she is rescued by a Sister of the Light.

Battle of the Palace of the Prophets[]

During the Battle of the Palace of the Prophets Adie is rescued by the sisters of the light.

D'Haran Army[]

As Adie joins the Sisters of the Light in aiding the D'Haran army to set a deadlock of magic between them and the enemy gifted. She becomes respected by the soldiers and fellow gifted as one of extreme power. She also helps Zedd marry Verna and Warren.

Readying the gifted[]

Adie helps Zedd in readying the gifted to set a deadlock up so that enemy gifted cannot interfere with their soldiers and kill her.(she was a canibeil)

Frontline warrior[]

Defending the Wizard's Keep[]

After the D'Haran Army successfully kept Emperor Jagang and the Imperial Order Army from taking Aydindril for the winter, Adie and Zedd remained in Aydindril to defend the Wizard's Keep while the rest of the D'Haran Army and residents of Aydindril fled to D'Hara.

Battle of the Confessor's Palace[]

When spring arrived, Jagang and an advance guard of his army entered Aydindril and found it deserted. Zedd and Adie, expecting the army, disguised themselves as Lord Rahl and the Mother Confessor, and allowed the Order to see them hiding in the Confessors' Palace. Jagang's army swarmed into the palace, but were destroyed by Zedd and Adie and the Constructed magic they had found over winter in the Wizard's Keep.

Jagang's prisoner[]

After the Order invaded Bandakar, they took some of the inhabitants hostage in order to take the Wizard's Keep. Because they were not affected by Additive Magic, the shields could not stop them. In addition, because Adie was blind and could only see with her gift, she was unable to see these invaders, and was quickly taken prisoner.


After her capture, she was taken with Zedd and many items from the Keep to the Order's encampment. She and Zedd were used to catalog the items stolen from the Keep. Zedd came upon a sunset spell, and activated it, hoping to kill them both and destroy the items stolen from the keep. Shortly after its activation, however, Rikka, Chase, Rachel, and Captain Zimmer each arrived separately to rescue them. They escaped quickly so as not to be caught up in the sunset spell's explosion, with Zedd, Chase, Rachel, and Rikka returning to the Keep, while Captain Zimmer and Adie went back to The D'Haran army.

The People's Palace[]

When the D'Haran army returned to the People's Palace, Adie spent time with the rest of the Sisters of the Light, setting up defenses and taking care of other matters of magic. Because of the spell around the palace, which weakened the power of all the gifted within, while enhancing the gifted Rahl's power, Adie had a difficult time seeing, which helped her make her decision to leave the palace.

Infiltrating the Imperial Order[]

Adie set out from the People's Palace with the intent of returning to Aydindril, specifically the Wizard's Keep, after learning Zedd abandonded it. She wanted to be there if Richard returned and needed answers. She snuck out of the palace and into the Order's camp at night, because it would keep their men from seeing her. Because she saw with her gift, she would be at no disadvantage.

Rescuing the Lord Rahl[]

During the battle that resulted from the Ja'La game between the Emperor's team and Richard's team, Adie came upon Richard as a Sister of the Dark captured him. She killed that sister, and helped Richard, Bruce, General Meiffert, Nicci, and Jillian escape to the entrance of the catacombs by the Order's siege ramp.

Return to the People's Palace[]

Upon their emergenge from the catacombs into the palace, Adie encountered the fierce battle between Order soldiers and General Trimack's first file, Mord-Sith, and Nathan Rahl. She was gravely injured in that battle, but Nathan, Verna, and her Sisters of the Light were able to heal her.

Private Journey[]

After she was healed, Adie once again set out on her journey alone, but no one was sure where she was headed.


Adie's solitary journey took to Aydindril where she met up with Friedrich Gilder. Before people returned to the city, the two spent their time together, and fell in love.

Personality and traits[]

What's wrong with your leg?"
"It not reach the ground. What be wrong with your eyes?
―Zedd and Adie

Adie was a handsome, tall, slender old woman with straight black and gray hair, cut straight with her strong jaw. Her eyes were completely white and she saw only with the aid of her gift. Adie usually wore plain flaxen robes, that were decorated with yellow and red beads at the neck. Her face was covered with fine wrinkles, but this took nothing away from her ageless beauty. She possessed only one foot for sometime, though Zedd would later use his gift to restore her second foot to her.

Though many rumors about her suggested that Adie was an evil woman, she was in fact quite kind hearted. She helped several people in her solitude, despite the pain and loss she had felt throughout her life. Adie originally believed that she was some form of a baneling, but Zedd helped her to dispel her fears.

Zedd and Adie shared a complex relationship, though it was clear they each cared greatly for each other. They often shared inside jokes and believed that part of getting old was that they gained the right to fuss.

Powers and Abilities[]

Adie was an extremely powerful sorceress. She often was unafraid to use her power when defending her friends. She used it to help the Sisters of the Light fight off Jagang's sisters and gifted. She once laid waste to the Blood of the Fold's soldiers. However, after the battle she became tired. Despite that she still had the strength to call upon a shield to protect Kahlan. Throughout the war with Jagang she became respected by many of the Sisters of the Light and by the Prelate Verna due to her skill in magic. She was of rare talent when she was a girl and it showed in her future battles requiring her to use magic.

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