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Alessandra was a Sister of the Dark, who reformed and returned to the Light. She was a captive of Emperor Jagang and was ordered to feed the captured Ann. Spending time with Ann awoke her to the evil that she had done and she helped Ann to escape the Imperial Order's camp. She traveled with Ann and was present for the lecture bestowed upon her by Kahlan Amnell. Alessandra decided only she could help Nicci return to the Light and ventured to Altur'Rang. She found Richard Rahl near death and when attempting to heal him, Brother Narev ran her through with a sword.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Alessandra's early life.

Imperial Order War[]

Jagang's prisoner[]

After Annalina Aldurren was captured by Jagang, Alessandra was ordered to feed the captured Prelate. As time went on, Ann told her of how swearing loyalty to Richard Rahl could keep the dream walker from entering her mind.

Later, after having been convinced by the Prelate, Alessandra attacked the driver of Ann's carriage, taking control of it herself until they quite far from the rest of the Imperial Order army. Alessandra revealed that she had reaffirmed her loyalty to the Creator, kissing her ring finger to prove it beyond doubt, before swearing loyalty to Richard.

Making amends[]

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Eventually, during the seige in Altur'Rang, while attempting to heal Richard, Brother Narev ran her through with a sword.

Personality and Traits[]

Alessandra was a tall woman with long brown and graying hair. She once wore her hair in a braid and pinned it in a loop to the back of her head, but on becoming a slave of the dream walker she had her hair cut raggedly to her shoulders and wore it down. She had a rather prominent nose, though it took nothing away from her plain beauty.

Ann was always very fond of Alessandra and knew her for over half a millennium. Ann always thought of Alessandra as exceedingly intelligent and was perplexed as to how a woman with her intelligence could fall prey to the Keeper's lies.