Sister Amelia was a Sister of the Dark and one of Verna's dearest friends when growing up. She greeted Richard and Verna when they first arrived at the Palace of the Prophets, in the guise of being a loyal Sister of the Light. She was later captured by Emperor Jagang and forced to revoke the Keeper to enter the Temple of the Winds and start the plague. Though she returned to the Light, Amelia was not free of Jagang and betrayed the rescue party that came for Janet, who had been recently captured.

Biography Edit

Sister of the Dark Edit

When Sister Verna finally returned home, from her twenty year absence from the Palace of the Prophets, Amelia greeted her along with Sister Janet and Sister Phoebe.

Having been dear friends as they grew up together, Verna was very happy to be reunited with each of them, though at the time she did not know that Amelia had fallen to the Keeper. 

Personality and traits Edit

Amelia had light brown, shoulder length hair. She was young, so much so that she did not appear to have been long from being a Novice and attractive. After betraying the Keeper and returning to the Light, Amelia was mentally fragile from the grief of the death she had caused through the plague. She was also raped by the Imperial Order soldiers who made use of her in "the tents".

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