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Aubrey was a Sister of the Light who was captured by Emperor Jagang during the Imperial Order War. Later, she was among the Sisters that betrayed Prelate Annalina Aldurren to Jagang's guards when she attempted to rescue the captured Sisters.


Aubrey was one of the many unfortunate Sisters of the Light that did not learn of the bond of fealty to Richard Rahl that allowed a person to stay free of Emperor Jagang's powers as a dream walker. As such, the emperor was able to infiltrate her mind and force her to serve the Imperial Order during its war with the D'Haran Empire. The Sisters captured by Jagang were submitted to many horrors such as servicing the men of the armies sexual needs against their will, and regular beatings for the crime of being born with the gift.

In 41 ACB, the chimes were released into the world of life absorbing all traces of Additive Magic. Taking the opportunity whilst Jagang was unable to enter the Sisters mind, Prelate Annalina Aldurren infiltrated the Imperial Order camp on the armies way to Anderith, in the hopes of teaching her Sisters of the Light about the bond to Lord Rahl and freeing them from the emperor. Aubrey was among the Sisters found by the former Prelate, and refused to believe that the chimes could possibly have been released into the world. As such, she and the rest of the Sisters believed Jagang was still very much embedded in their minds, and fearing his wrath for failing to report the Prelate's presence in his camp, betrayed their leader to some nearby guards who quickly captured the old woman.