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Aydindril is essentially the capital of the Midlands and is the home to the Confessors, their wizards, and the Central Council of the Midlands. It is also the location of the Wizard's Keep, the home of the First Wizard.


Aydindril is a beautiful place. Many of the side streets were narrow with tightly packed buildings and tiny courtyards. The streets were always teeming with people, especially the market streets. Each of the larger lands of the Midlands had their own palace located in Aydindril along King's Row, though each was nothing in comparison to the splendor of the Confessors' Palace.

The Home Guard of Aydindril kept the city safe, and patrolled the Wizard's Keep as well. They wore breastplates or chainmail covered with red tunics banded around their edges in black. They were heavily armed with swords or battle axes, as well as knives, and many additionally carried pikes tipped with winged and barbed steel.


Before the Second D'Haran War, no one held claim to Aydindril. No ruler would dare to lay claim to it; they all feared it, feared the Confessors and the wizards. All the lands of the Midlands contributed to the support of Aydindril, all paid tribute.

Aydindril fell to the might of D'Hara and Darken Rahl shortly after the boundary between D'Hara and the Midlands went down. The D'Haran troops overran the city at the cost of many lives, on both sides of the battle. After the death of Darken Rahl, the D'Haran troops had no leader, no guidance. After the recognition of Richard Rahl as the lord of D'Hara, the city of Aydindril reverted to D'Haran rule.