Bannon Farmer is a former cabbage farmer from Chiriya Island. He left his home seeking adventure and escape from his life. In his past his father would often beat him and his mother and Bannon worked to pay for a boat to take the two off the island. After his father killed his mother and was hung for it, Bannon left the island on the Wavewalker. Bannon often pretends his life was perfect and that the world is a nice welcoming place so he can forget his troubled past. He was saved by Nicci while being robbed in Tanimura. Using his remaining money he bought a sword and named it Sturdy. After the Wavewalker crashed due to a selka attack, Bannon travels with Nicci and Nathan Rahl, fighting with them to defeat The Lifedrinker. After being with them for a time Bannon no longer pretends his dark memories do no exist.

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