Baraccus was the First Wizard during the Great War between the wizards of the New World. He was married to Magda Searus, the woman who would later become the first ever Mother Confessor. He was the last War Wizard born before Richard Rahl.

Biography Edit

When the war was nearing its end, the New World wizards decided to lock away certain dangerous magics within the Temple of the Winds. A team was created to accomplish this, however, it soon became apparent that something had gone wrong with their efforts.

It would soon be discovered that the one hundred members of the Temple team had betrayed the New World and locked away in an attempt to rid the world of magic. These wizards would be sentenced to death by the New World's head prosecutor, Lothain.

Lothain himself would then volunteer to enter the Temple and attempt to reverse the damage done by the Temple team. However, he betrayed his fellow wizards in order to enter the Hall of the Betrayer and made the matter even worse by adding to the Temple.

After realizing Lothain had betrayed them, Baraccus entered the Temple to see if he would be able to reverse the Temple team and Lothain's tampering. Baraccus learned that Lothain had allowed the magic of the Dream walker to seep out, so that a person would be born with the abilities of a dream walker and continue the crusade of the Old World to end magic.

Baraccus realized he was unable to reverse this damage, but instead created a balance. He allowed for some Subtractive Magic to seep out so that when a dream walker would be born in future years, so would a war wizard. While in the Temple, Baraccus also wrote a book titled Secrets of a War Wizard's Power, so that the person born with that particular gift would have aid in learning to deal with his powers. The book was blank as the secret to a War Wizard's Power is the Eleventh Wizard's Rule, therefore one must learn how to use one's powers on his or her own.

Baraccus would then leave the Temple, go to his wife, Magda Searus, instruct her to take the book to his secret library in the land of the Night Wisps, before jumping off the ramparts of the Wizard's Keep to his death below.

Appearances Edit

  • Warheart (First appearance) (Appears as spirit)
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