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Sister Nicci casts a powerful spell on Kahlan, linking their fates and forcing Richard to protect Sister Nicci. Meanwhile, Kahlan must confront her past in order to break the spell.

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When Sister Nicci casts a powerful spell on Kahlan, linking their fates, Richard must protect the evil sorceress while Kahlan confronts her past in a bid to break the spell. Merissa and the other sisters of the dark, fed up with Nicci's lack of success in finishing the Mother confessor decide to do away with her. Nicci, escapes and casts a powerful maternity spell linking her heart to Kahlan. Richard and others realizing the seriousness of the situation agree to Nicci's deal that Richard find the stone of tears or Kahlan dies. As Richard goes with Nicci, Zedd reveals that the spell can be broken by reconnecting Kahlan with her dead mother for which they would have to go to Kahlan's father in order to reclaim her mother's most treasured possession. Kahlan, reluctant to face the man who tortured and terrified her for most of her childhood, is forced to order his release from jail. According to Kahlan, her mother died when she was five and Dennee was 3 years old. Believing him to be a monster, she is shocked to learn that her father was more afraid of his children and was forced to join the D'Haran army due to his ambitious father where he was confessed, when he wished to be a stone carver.

Nicci forces a man to hit her until she is drunk as well as bloodied knowing Kahlan would be suffering as well. Merissa sends a poisonous spider to kill Nicci, who is bitten and tells a horrified Richard that she will die in a few hours. Kahlan and Nicci both drop into unconsciousness and stand at the brink of death as Cara tries to reassure the Mother Confessor she won't die. Zedd casts the spell with the necklace Kahlan's father gave her mother in celebration of Kahlan's birth. Richard, distraught that Kahlan was dead, kisses and cries over Nicci hoping his message of love gets through to Kahlan. It works and both wake up. Zedd casts the spell and Kahlan connects with her mother breaking the spell, Nicci kills the rogue sisters and leaves Richard alone. Kahlan's father, apologizes to Kahlan and both repair their relationship somewhat. Nicci breaks her allegiance to the Keeper, the Creator as well as everything else, her powers are stronger and she swears allegiance to herself.

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  • Hanna Hegan as Sister Anya
  • Angela Shirley as Gwendolyn
  • Jonathan Hodge as Burly Stranger
  • Elizabeth Pendergrast as Gladys
  • Faye Smythe as Sister Merissa
  • Michael Nouri as Frederick



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The Legend of the Seeker TV series is making a huge departure from its parent book series in this episode. Dennee is presented in this episode as being Kahlan's biological sister instead of Kahlan being adopted and raised by Denee's mother after the death of Kahlan's mother. Also in this episode, Kahlan makes the statement "Confessors don't choose honorable men as mates." This is a drastic departure from the mythology set up by the Sword of Truth series.

The Synopsis of this episode is similar to the book Faith of the Fallen, the difference between the TV episode is:

  • Nicci captures Richard to force her beliefs in the Imperial Order on him and if not she will kill him.
  • Nicci was Death's Mistress and serves Jagang, but here she is betrayed by her Sisters of the Dark and serves the Keeper.
  • In the end of the book, Nicci joins with Richard, but in the end of the episode Nicci severs all her allegiances and will do anything to serve her own ends.

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