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It would be very unwise, to go to sleep in the boundary.
―Kahlan Amnell[src]

A boundary was the result of a spell that raised the underworld to the world of the living. In effect, it created a line that no one could cross without getting lost to the underworld.

New World boundaries[]

The First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander created two boundaries, one between D'Hara and the Midlands and another between the Midlands and Westland, in the year 0 ACB. He used an altered Grace, where two sides of the square, the Veil, dipped into the inner circle, the world of life, in arcs that ended outside the outer circle, the underworld. These corners had no rays to represent the gift coming from the inner star, the Creator.

As the boundaries were exceedingly dangerous, boundary wardens were employed to prevent the people of Westland from entering the one separating them from the Midlands. The boundary wardens also prevented the creatures like the heart hounds from exiting the underworld through the boundaries and attacking people.

The boundaries separated the three territories of the New World for forty years before being brought down by Darken Rahl of D'Hara, who subsequently waged the Second D'Haran War against the Midlands and Westland. As the boundaries began to fade, the heart hounds could go further astray from them.

The only way to cross a boundary was with the assistance of powerful wizards, or to go through a pass in the boundary. The only known pass is one between Westland and the Midlands, called King's Port. It was generally known only to boundary wardens, but was also used by Adie, George Cypher, Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell.

Experience near a boundary[]

When a person got close to the boundary a green light emerged around him, which became more intense with each step. A buzzing sound could be heard which became deeper with every step. When the wall materialized as a green sheet around, one could hardly see anything else, not even behind himself. If one pushed further the green turned into black and the buzzing sound could be felt vibrating in one's chest. With another step the wall became transparent and forms could be seen as black shapes on the other side. This shapes could take the form of a beloved dead person and would try to drag the person into the boundary.

Kaja-Rang's boundary[]

Another boundary created by a wizard named Kaja-Rang was used outside of Bandakar to keep the Pristinely ungifted inside. It was shaped as a "U" with a gap through an area near Bandakar. The purpose of this boundary was to keep everyone that was banished inside the "U", the Pillars of Creation was also located in the "U", which was a barren wasteland where nothing could grow and was so hot that nobody could survive for more than a few days.