Carl was a young boy sacrificed by Darken Rahl to travel to through underworld.

Darken Rahl first asked Demmin Nass to check out the boy, as the book described, Demmin stripped Carl's pants to check for his age whether or not he had hit puberty, because if Carl had been too old Rahl couldn't use him.

In order to make the ceremonies complete, Darken Rahl had to have his complete trust. Rahl spent many days and nights with the boy while he was buried in sorcerer's sand. Eventually, he convinced the boy that he would rather be with Darken Rahl than with his family. Subtly, Carl became more adhesive to Rahl, and eventually the ceremony was completed.

Ceremony Edit

Darken Rahl fed Carl through a long silver tube in order for the ceremony to be complete. Later that night, Darken Rahl took out this bowl where he had taken out Carl's brains and heart, and then ate it. Though Darken Rahl was vegetarian, he reluctantly ate it for the ceremony. Then Darken Rahl gutted out Carl's testicles. Rahl ate them too, reluctantly. Finally, he gained access to the underworld, and the ceremony was complete.

Biography Edit

Carl lived with his parents in D'Hara. He had a dog named Tinker. When he was brought to Darken Rahl he had not yet reached puberty.

Appearances Edit