The Central Council of the Midlands, sometimes known as the Council of the Midlands, was the ruling body of all the Midlands. The Council ruled from Aydindril and was led by the Mother Confessor. The First Chair of the council was always held by the Mother Confessor, who by ruling the Central Council effectively ruled the Midlands.

Organization Edit

The rulers of the most powerful lands of the Midlands were entitled to appoint a councilor to the Council. These councilors comprised the membership of the council. Each councilor was entitled to one vote, with no nation's vote having more weight than another's. The Mother Confessor represented the lesser nations and made sure that their rights were not being infringed upon in favor of higher-ranking lands. Though the council theoretically made decisions based on what a majority of councilors voted for, the Mother Confessor ultimately possessed the right to veto the council's acts. The leaders of the various nations of the Midlands were also entitled to personally address the council to better put forward their concerns or to highlight the issues facing their land.

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