Christabel was a former Sister of the Light, turned Sister of the Dark. She was Verna's dearest friend, when they grew up together at the Palace of the Prophets. She was captured by Emperor Jagang and killed as a demonstration to Ulicia and her five other Sisters.

Biography Edit

Christabel had been Jagang's favorite of the Sisters he had captured, since the day he had met her, as she was incredibly attractive. He had Christabel become his personal slave, tending to his sexual needs.

When Jagang captured Sisters Ulicia, Nicci, Merissa, Tovi, Cecilia and Armina he wished to make a demonstration of his power and how they were his to do with as he wished. He used his power to kill Christabel. She continued screaming and thrashing even after she was dead. This was the punishment the Keeper was bestowing upon her soul, according to Jagang. He also said that the body would not stop thrashing until it rotted.

After Christabel's death, he had Sister Merissa replace her as his sexual slave.

Personality and traits Edit

Christabel was a very attractive woman. She had flawless skin and brilliant blond hair. Before becoming a Sister of the Dark, she was said to have had a kindly nature. Her friends growing up, including Verna, were all quite envious of her. It is not known what drew her to the Keeper's disciples.

Appearances Edit