Cicadas are a type of insect. One particular type of cicada debuts in chapter seven of Chainfire. When asked by Nicci, Richard Rahl mentions that this particular type of cicada emerges once every seventeen years to mate and lay their eggs.

Richard also goes on to say:

"Because of the numbers they create quite an unforgettable sound. With countless of the cicadas all trilling together, you can sometimes hear the harmonic rise and fall of their song moving through the forest in a wave. In the quiet of night, their stridulation may seem to deafening at first, but, believe it or not, it will actually lull you to sleep."

The cicadas appear throughout Chainfire, even referenced in prophecy. The prophecy says:

  In the year of the cicadas, when the champion of sacrifice and suffering, under the banner of both mankind and the Light finally splits his swarm, thus shall be the sign that prophecy has been awakened and the final and deciding battle is upon us. Be cautioned, for all true forks and their derivatives are tangled in this mantic root. Only one trunk branches from this conjoined primal origin. If fuer grissa ost drauka does not lead this final battle, then the world, already standing at the brink of darkness, will fall under that terrible shadow. - Page 529

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