Clarissa was a librarian in Renwold who was saved by Nathan Rahl from the invasion of the Imperial Order. She proved instrumental in Nathan's efforts to impede Emperor Jagang in his attempts to gather important books of prophecy.

Biography Edit

Clarissa observed the sack of her town from the library after she initially laughed at the concept. She considered herself safe, thinking that that they would not violate the abbey. The abbot ordered her to save the books but he was killed. Clarissa was then awarded a silver ring, second highest under gold. Nathan saved her and she helped him by following his orders in the castle. They ran away together and eventually formed a relationship. She was killed by Manda Perlin who slit her throat. Kahlan begged Nathan not to look at her so he could remember her how she was in life, not in death.

Personality and traits Edit

Clarissa was never considered very pretty and was often mocked by the prettier members of the town. However, upon Jagang's takeover, she was awarded a silver ring through her lip, deeming her average. Upon her death, Nathan stated that she had a good heart.

She considered herself as one with a face that did not inspire ballads, but was not repulsive either.

Appearances Edit