Confession is the eleventh episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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While investigating a series of murders among members of the resistance, Kahlan's faith in her ability as a Confessor is shaken.

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When two resistance fighters against Darken Rahl die under suspicious circumstances, their leader, Connor, requests Kahlan's help. Zedd sets off on a separate mission to retrieve the key to a crypt where they will hide the third Box of Orden from Rahl. Richard and Kahlan arrive at Connor's home to find him dead. Kahlan uses her Confessor's power on a thief named Niles, who tells them that he killed Connor. They discover too late that Niles, who was hung for the murder, was not responsible. When Kahlan finds Nile's sister dead and Richard convinced that he is the murderer, they believe that magic is being used by the real killer to give others the memories of killing the victims. The town's constable, Declan, brings forth evidence that Connor's wife, Nella, had committed the murders but he is revealed to be the murderer and a Rahl follower. Zedd rejoins Richard and Kahlan after obtaining the key and repairing his relationship with his brother.

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