The Confessor's Palace is a huge and elegant palace in Aydindril where Confessors live and ruled. This palace is where the Mother Confessor, along with her sister Confessors, oversees the Midlands. People come in and leave with the guidance of Confessors. Dignitaries and Ambassadors from the separate lands of the Midlands come to the palace to seek an audience from the Mother Confessor.

D'Haran Occupation Edit

The Confessor's Palace was where Richard Rahl, Master of the D'Haran Empire, and Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor, oversaw the disbandment of the Midlands Alliance and the instatement of their rule. Many diplomats from lands like Kelton, Jara and Mardovia stayed in the Confessor's Palace under high security. They were not allowed to leave as per orders by Richard as Lord Rahl.

After the events of Blood of the Fold, many of the diplomats surrendered to the rule of the D'Haran Empire.

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