Conversion is the fifteenth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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Richard's attempts to rescue his friends from a sadistic wizard's deadly experiments send him into his first explosive face-to-face confrontation with the evil Darken Rahl.

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Giller attempts to recreate the Confessor's magic for Darken Rahl by experimenting with ancient magic on Rahl's prisoners. Dismayed by Giller's slow progress, Rahl decides to pay a visit. Richard, Kahlan, Chase and Devlin, a resistance fighter, rescue the prisoners from Giller's keep. Chase is struck ill when his wife Emma, whom Giller had performed one of his experiments on, unknowingly unleashes a form of Confessor's power on him. Upon discovering that Rahl will be arriving at the keep, Richard and Kahlan head there in hopes of killing Rahl and capturing Giller. They are captured when Giller proves resistant to Kahlan's Confessor power and Richard is defeated by Rahl in a fight. As Giller works to take Kahlan's Confessor power, Rahl reveals his plan to use it on Richard, triggering Kahlan into the "Con Dar" or "Blood Rage". She kills Giller and confesses Rahl's minions, forcing Rahl to retreat. After returning to Chase to give him Giller's potion, which will keep him safe from Emma's power, Richard and Kahlan receive a message from Zedd, who tells them to meet him in D'Hara.

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  • The Giller shown in this episode, is vastly different to the one created by Terry Goodkind.
  • This is the first appearance of the Con Dar on the Legend of the Seeker TV series.