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D’Hara is the easternmost land of the New World. It is ruled by the gifted Lord Rahl and has been since the time of the Great War.

The people of D’Hara are bonded to their Lord Rahl, protecting them from the powers of a dream walker, though they must be loyal to him for the bond to be of any use. Full blooded D'Harans are usually blonde of hair and blue of eye. In full blooded D’Harans the bond to the Lord Rahl is stronger, giving them a more powerful sense of in what direction he is in, though it protects them from dream walkers all the same.

History of D'Hara[]

Midlands War[]

Two generations before the birth of Richard Rahl, D'Hara was a loose confederation of kingdoms, as was the Midlands. Panis Rahl was a ruler of one of the D'Haran nations. From the first day of his reign, he started swallowing up all of D'Hara for himself, one kingdom after another, many times before the ink was dry on a peace treaty. In the end, he held sway over all of D'Hara, but instead of satisfying him, it only served to whet his appetite for conquest, and he soon turned his attention to the lands that are now the Midlands, which had formed into an alliance against him called the Central Council of the Midlands.

Panis Rahl threw the might of D'Hara against them. War waged for many years. As his legions were finally slowed and then halted, Rahl turned to magic. Panis was ruthless in his use of magic against the free people using trickery, sickness, fevers, and the shadow people to terrorize his enemies. Whole battalions were found killed to the man. However, with the help of a great wizard, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, the Midlands were finally able to hold Panis Rahl's magic in check and his legions were driven back into D'Hara. The boundary was then put up to prevent Rahl's forces from invading the Midlands again. Panis Rahl was killed just as the boundary was going up by a ball of wizard's fire infused with the power of the underworld thrown by Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander. Panis Rahl’s son, Darken Rahl who was also injured in the blast, inherited the throne of D’Hara.

Darken Rahl Movement[]

Darken Rahl grew up to become a well-studied and powerful wizard. He used his power and influence to start the Darken Rahl movement, espousing the virtues of peace, which was embraced by the people of D'Hara and even the Midlands, across the boundary. Forty years after the boundaries were put up, they began to weaken and eventually faded away. The People’s Peace Army, the army of D’Hara, marched right into a few of the bigger cities of the Midlands, and were accepted with open arms. Darken Rahl went before the Central Council of the Midlands and asked them to join him in an alliance of peace. Those who did were held up as champions of harmony. Those who did not were held up as traitors and publicly executed on the spot by Darken Rahl himself. Rahl then outlawed the use of all magic in the Midlands and D’Hara and declared anyone using it an insurrectionist, including all creatures of magic. Then he outlawed fire. People in many areas of the Midlands ignored the alliance, although Rahl considered it a petty problem. His true goal was to obtain the Boxes of Orden which would make him master of all, without having to fight anyone. Darken Rahl was killed by the magic of Orden due to the use of the Wizard’s First Rule by his son, Richard Rahl, who then inherited the throne of D’Hara.

D’Haran Empire[]

After Richard Rahl become Lord Rahl he dissolved Midland Alliance between the lands and absorbed the countries, who willingly joined to oppose the Imperial Order, into the D’Haran Empire.

Notable location[]