The D’Haran War was the conflict that raged between the Midlands and D’Hara until 0 ACB. The D’Haran forces, led by Panis Rahl, attempted to conquer the Midlands, as Rahl had done to the formerly separate kingdoms within D'Hara. The war was eventually ended when First Wizard Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander created the Boundaries between the three lands of the New World and killed Panis Rahl.

Prelude Edit

Panis Rahl was a leader of one of the D’Haran nations who, through backstabbing and treachery, took over all of D’Hara. By that time, the peoples of the Midlands had seen what he was about, and were not to be taken so easily. They knew that signing a peace treaty with him was as good as signing an invitation to invasion. Instead, they chose to remain free, and joined together, through the Central Council of the Midlands, in a common defense. Many of the free lands held no favor with each other, but they knew if they did not fight together, they would die separately, one at a time.

War Edit

Panis Rahl threw the might of D’Hara against them. War waged for many years. As his legions were finally slowed and then halted, Rahl turned to magic. Panis was ruthless in his use of magic against the free people using trickery, sickness, fevers, and the Shadow People. Whole battalions were found killed to a man.

When Panis Rahl started using the magic in that way, a great and honorable wizard, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, joined the side of the Midlands’ cause. Many thousands had already died in battle, but the magic killed many more. With the help of the great wizard holding Panis Rahl’s magic in check, his legions were driven back into D’Hara.

The war had been devastating, but it was concluded that going into D’Hara to destroy Panis and his forces would be too costly. Yet something had to be done to keep Panis Rahl from trying again, as they knew he would. To keep the forces of D’Hara at bay, Zedd created an impassable boundary between D’Hara and the Midlands. Zedd also sent a ball of Wizard’s Fire over the boundary, skimming the top so it was imbued with Underworld Magic, killing Panis Rahl and injuring his son; Darken Rahl. Many in the Midlands were more frightened of the magic than of the hordes from D’Hara, and they wanted to have nothing to do with it ever again. Another boundary was put up, and Westland was set aside for those people. So it was that there came to be three lands, separated by the impassable Boundaries.

Aftermath Edit

At first things were quiet in the Midlands after the boundaries were put in place as people recovered from the war. As time wore on the Central Council of the Midlands became corrupt and, because of their greed, began appointing the position of Seeker of Truth to whomever they chose and would mishandle important magical artifacts. The other wizards Zedd had trained also became consumed with greed, and sided with the council. Because of this, the great wizard left the Midlands for Westland and cast a Wizard’s Web so that no one would remember his name or what he looked like.

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