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Feared by the people he protected as well as the ones he hunted, but somehow, not by children.
―Richard Rahl, on Chase

Dell Brandstone, commonly known as Chase, was the head boundary warden of Westland and later, a Keep warden. He was married to Emma Brandstone and father to several children, which included Lee Brandstone. He also became the adoptive father of Rachel.


Early Life[]

Chase befriended George Cypher already before the time of the boundary. Therefore he had lived in Westland before the creation of the boundary and recoginzed the Sword of Truth immediately when Richard first showed it to him.

Fighting Rahl[]

Aiding the Seeker[]

After Richard is revealed to be the seeker, Chase pledges his life and loyalty to the seeker, and tells him of the pass across the boundary. He agrees to lead them to the pass and sets off guiding Richard, Zedd and Kahlan to the boundary, protecting them from Heart hounds as they go. Before they can reach the pass, Chase and Zedd are struck down by underworld beasts. They are taken by Richard and Kahlan to Adie, the bone woman, who cares for them until they recover

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Rahl's defeat[]

Tear in the veil[]

Stone of Tears[]

The Great Barrier[]

He was trapped in the barrier with Rachel for a time, while chasing Richard under instructions from Zedd after Sister Verna took him he was captured by the magic (storms of spells in the barrier).

Raising Rachel[]

Imperial Order War[]

Rescuing old friends[]

Chase had taken Rachel back to his home in Westland and started her on her teachings like Zedd had asked Chase to do. He taught her how to use many weapons and how to protect herself.

However, Friedrich Gilder, a boundary warden newly appointed by Richard, came to Chase and told him that Zedd and Adie had been captured and the Wizard's Keep had been taken by the Imperial Order. With Rachel, Chase traveled to the Imperial Order camp and acted as a member of the Order in order to make his way to Zedd and Adie. When he got there, he found the Mord-Sith Rikka and the D'Haran Captain, Zimmer also there to save them. With their help, they all escaped.

However, Zedd had only moments before activated a spell called sunset spell that when the sun set, it would blow up, destroying the other stolen items that the Order had stolen from the Keep. Chase and the others appeared just in time to save them all and rescue them from the camp before the spell came alive and killed them.

Chase and Rachel, along with Rikka, took Zedd back to the Wizard's Keep, where Zedd asked him and Friedrich to become "Keep Wardens", the new guards of the Keep.

Later, Chase and Rachel set off to get Chase's family and bring them to the Keep to live.


When the witch woman Shota visited the Wizard's Keep, she told Richard and everyone else that Chase had been hurt. When asked about Rachel, she knew nothing. She had found Chase after he had been run through by the former Seeker, Samuel, who in turn also kidnapped Rachel, but Shota did not know about that. She had taken Chase to some people she knew could help heal him. He eventually recovered.

Rachel was delivered to the witch woman, Six, and the now Queen of Tamarang, Violet. Back to being treated like dirt, Rachel slowly watched for her chance to escape, eventually getting her chance. She was greeted outside of the palace by the now recovered Chase. Afterward, Chase and Rachel head back to the Wizard's Keep.

End of the War[]


Personality and traits[]

Chase was an extremely big, well built man. He was in his forties and his thick black hair was graying at the temples. Despite the age difference between he and Richard, their friendship could not be stronger. Chase was very rarely seen without some kind of weapon at the ready. In fact he usually had several different kinds of weapons at the ready.

Despite his size and fierce appearance, Chase was a kind hearted man. He often made time to play with his young children and could be just as mischievous as them.

Behind the scenes[]

In the Legend of the Seeker, a television series based on the events of the Sword of Truth series, Chase is portrayed by Jay Laga'aia.

In the series, Chase has at least two daughters and one son. His oldest daughter is Laura.



Legend of the Seeker Episodes[]