Dennee was a Confessor, and the adoptive sister of Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell. She was killed by a D'Haran quad on orders of Darken Rahl and her death prompted Kahlan to take action against him.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

She was a frail girl, as frail as her mother. After Kahlan's mother died, Dennee's mother took Kahlan in and comforted her. The two girls were thrilled that they were to be sisters, as they called themselves from then on, and it helped ease the pain Kahlan had from losing her mother.

Dennee did not have the strength of power that Kahlan did, and over time, Kahlan had become her protector and guardian, shielding her from situations that required more force than she could bring from within. For Dennee, it sometimes took several days to recover her power, as opposed to an hour or two for Kahlan. Dennee hated taking confessions, hated seeing the look in their eyes, and often Kahlan would go in her sister's place because she wanted to spare Dennee the torment of the task. Dennee never asked Kahlan to go in her stead, she wouldn't, but the look of relief on her face when Kahlan told her she would do it was words enough.

Death Edit

Dennee was killed by a quad sent by Darken Rahl as she was walking to meet Kahlan, now the Mother Confessor, during one of her confessions. She had wanted to walk Kahlan home since Kahlan had taken the confession for her. Kahlan found her in the brush at the side of the road, moaning in mortal pain. She had been thrown there, discarded. Her arms were brutally broken and laid useless at her sides, bent in places where they shouldn't be bent. Blood trickled from one ear. Her dress was pulled up over her legs. Her last wish was for Kahlan to kill Darken Rahl. Kahlan had her buried along with a necklace with a small bone on it that Kahlan had worn since childhood and that her mother had given her (and that had originally been a gift from Adie while Kahlan was still in the womb), as Dennee had always been fond of that necklace.

Legacy Edit

Along with Dennee, all Confessors were hunted down on orders of Rahl, though Kahlan managed to escape through the boundary separating the Midlands and Westland, in search of the First Wizard. After the naming of Richard Cypher as the Seeker of Truth Kahlan joined him in his quest to defeat Rahl, eventually succeeding and gaining vengeance on behalf of Dennee.

Behind the scenes Edit

While in the Sword of Truth series Dennee never makes an actual appearance, in the Legend of the Seeker television series she is depicted as a much more active character. Dennee was Kahlan's sister by blood, and endured the abuse of their father as a child along with her. They also shared their time at the Valley of Thandor with the Sisters of the Light together.

In season one, Dennee accompanies Kahlan on her mission to name the Seeker, and is captured by D'Haran soldiers just before reaching the boundary. Presumably, if she had been the one to make it to Westland, Dennee would have been Richard's Confessor. Later on in the series, Richard and Kahlan rescue Dennee from one of Darken Rahl's prisons. It is discovered that Dennee took a Confessed D'Haran assassin, Finn, as a mate before leaving for Westland with Kahlan, and is currently with child. Dennee gives birth to a male Confessor, whom Richard and Kahlan insist must be allowed to live. Dennee goes into hiding on the island of Valaria with her son and mate, where they are all eventually killed by Cara and the Mord'Sith.

In season two, Dennee's spirit is resurrected in the body of a dead prostitute, Lucinda. Dennee helps Kahlan save Richard from Denna and makes her peace with Cara before going into hiding again to take care of Lucinda's orphaned son. Later, after Prince Fyren almost managed to usurp the Central Council of the Midlands and the Confessors' rule, Dennee was called to Aydindril to stand in as Mother Confessor while Kahlan protected Richard on his quest.

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