The devotion was a pledge to the Lord Rahl of D'Hara, and was a powerful way for him to win and control the masses. It was originally created by Alric Rahl as a defense against the power of the Dream walker that was created in the Great War. It has since then been passed down through the generations of gifted Lord Rahl.

D'Harans living at the People's Palace went to devotion twice a day for two hours at a time (once in the mid-morning and again at evening). The only ones exempt from this were the guards on duty at the time. While in the field though the devotion needed to only to be said three times when confirming a Lord Rahl. The devotion was also used as a greeting to the Lord Rahl in some instances.

Interestingly, Richard Rahl, one of the most powerful Lords of all time, recited the devotion to his wife, Kahlan Amnell, in order to maintain his independence from the magic of the devotions that once bound him to Darken Rahl. He was the only known Lord Rahl to recite a devotion at all.

Richard abolished the devotion after the defeat of Jagang and the Imperial Order, with dream walkers no longer being a threat to the world.

Lord Rahl Devotion Edit

"Master Rahl guide us. Master Rahl teach us. Master Rahl protect us. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours."