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You have the gift. Use it. Use everything you have to fight. Don't give in. Don't let him rule you. If you are to die, die fighting with everything you have, everything you know. That is the way of a dragon.
―Scarlet, a red dragon, to Richard[src]

Dragons are creatures of magic that live in the New World and the Old World. They come in different varieties based on their color: grey, green, red, blue, black, silver, and a few other less common varieties. Dragons (Scarlet specifically) appear in Wizard's First Rule and Stone of Tears. After the Chimes are released in Temple of the Winds, Richard Rahl conjects that Dragons have been made extinct due to their reliance on magic. He bases this on the bones he sees when traveling south to the Old World with Nicci in Faith of the Fallen since they are relatively new bones due bits of flesh still been on them. He also bases his conjecture on the fact that no one has a memory of having seen a Dragon after the Chainfire spell was released leading him to speculate that the cascade effect has meant people have lost their memories that concern Dragons. This is disproved later on when Gregory, Scarlet's first child, shows up.

All dragons have a connection to Kuloth Vale, located far south in the Old World, and travel there when they are ready to die. Dragons can be rejuvenated by fire, bringing back centuries to their lives if fire burns their hearts.

Grey Dragon[]

The Grey Dragons are the smallest kind of dragon and also rather shy. Some people in the Midlands keep them as pets and for hunting. They are considered to be the wisest of all dragons.

Known Grey Dragons[]

  • Brom is an ancient grey dragon and the guardian of Kuloth Vale.

Green Dragon[]

The Green Dragons are larger than the Grey but smaller than the Red. They lack intelligence, have bad tempers and are rather dangerous. They are aloof and have horn protrusions on their snouts.

Silver Dragon[]

The Silver Dragons are considered to be the best fighters of all dragons and the rarest to find.

Black Dragon[]

The Black Dragons are considered to be the most evil of all dragons.

Red Dragon[]

The Red Dragons are the largest type of Dragon and also the most angry and intelligent. They kill humans despite the fact that a human is a relatively small amount of food for them. They are independent,do not concern themselves with human affairs and would rather die than be subjugated. They are powerful creatures of magic and could supposedly come close to matching Darken Rahl in a fight according to Kahlan Amnell. They are capable of carrying large loads with Kahlan having seen one pick two cows up (one in each claw). Dragons are to keep their eggs warm while hunting by heating the rock by it with their flame. Red Dragons do not like flying if it is cloudy since the clouds hide rocks (mountains and hills) if they are not high enough for the dragon to fly under or the tops are low enough for them to fly over.

Known Red Dragons[]

  • Scarlet is a dragon that is subjugated by Darken Rahl through threat of damage to her egg. Scarlet is later befriended by Richard Rahl, although she has threatened to eat him several times.
  • Gregory is Scarlet's first child.