Faval was a charcoal maker who participated in Richard’s late night dealings. Faval was a jumpy fellow and frequently giggled at things that weren’t funny, as part of a nervous tick that he had no control over.

Because he so often laughed at strange things, or even serious or woeful things, people often thought that he was mad, and spurned him. Other times, when people perceived that he was laughing at their expense, people would often attack him out of rage, resulting in his two front teeth going missing. Richard realized that it was something he could not control, and never faulted him for it, so Faval took an immediate liking to Richard.

He used to think that all men who were arrested and confessed to their “crimes” were terrible people and wanted to hurt The Order. However, when his brother who used to help him make charcoal was arrested after a meeting, and later the guards informed him that his brother had confessed to “high crimes,” he realized that innocent are made to confess to things they have not done.

He dreamed of owning a cart in which he, his sons, and nephew could deliver the charcoal they make. He went to request a permit to buy a cart, but was denied, the officials saying he was greedy for wanting to put transport people out of work with his cart.

Following the uprising after the unveiling of the Statue carved by Richard, Faval finally bought a cart and his sons deliver charcoal.

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