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Finella was a Sister of the Light and one of Prelate Annalina Alduren's loyal administrators. She was killed by Sister Ulicia when Ulicia's identity as a Sister of the Dark was revealed.


When Verna Sauventreen first arrived home from her twenty year journey to bring Richard Rahl to the Palace of the Prophets she went to the office of the Prelate, rather than to her celebrationary dinner. This was because she was broken back to the level of novice because she followed the orders of the Prelate and had come to her office seeking justification. Sister Finella and Sister Ulicia refused her admittance to the Prelate and seemed to relish the opportunity to rub Verna's nose in the fact she was no longer a Sister.

Later when Richard Rahl tricked Ulicia and Finella into leaving their posts in pursuit of two young wizards, who caused a distraction for him, Richard sneaked into the Prelates office and met with her. Upon returning, Ulicia and Finella used their gifts to slam him against the wall. Annalina reprimanded them and because of their stupidity in leaving their posts, ordered them to undergo the punishment they had set for Richard's co-conspirators.

When Verna was finally allowed admittance to meet with the Prelate, Ann informed her of there being Sisters of the Dark in the Palace, in an attempt to draw them out. Sister Ulicia, who was able to use her Subtractive Magic to hear through Ann's shield, recognized that she would have to take care of the Prelate.

Before attempting to assassinate the Prelate, Ulicia surprised Sister Finella and murdered her so she was unable to intervene. Finella's body was ripped in half by the power of Ulicia's gift and her innards splattered against the office walls.