I hope one day to have my debt paid and earn my sir name, and then to travel to Aydindril, to the Wizard’s Keep, to ask the Wizards to name me the Seeker of Truth, and present me with the Sword of Truth so that I might return to protect the Ander people, and do good.

Fitch was a Haken boy who worked for the Minister of Culture’s office first as a kitchen hand, then as a messenger for Dalton Campbell before running away and stealing the Sword of Truth. Fitch then returned to Anderith to prove he was not a criminal. Cara trailed him and met him while he conversed with Beata. The Imperial Order soldiers arrived soon after and killed Fitch along with many other Anderith soldiers.

Biography Edit

As a Haken in Anderith, Fitch was forced to be little more than a slave in the Minister of Culture’s estate, where he was constantly belittled by being called “Fetch.” Dalton Campbell took notice of him after Fitch saw Bertrand Chanboor and Stein rape his friend, Beata. Because the ruling class in Anderith kept the Hakens ignorant and brainwashed, Dalton was able to use Fitch for intimidation and murder, believing he was doing good. Dalton then betrayed Fitch, forcing him to flee Anderith, which made him appear guilty for his crimes against Claudine Winthrop. It also allowed Dalton to blame Beata’s rape on him.

He decided that in order to prove his innocence, he would go to Aydindril to take the Sword of Truth. He managed to take the weapon away from Aydindril, but not before Cara arrived and tried to stop him. On his return to Anderith he arrived at Beata’s post as the Imperial Order began to slaughter everyone there. Fitch died when an Imperial Order soldier cut his head in half splattering bits of his brain everywhere, but he died protecting Beata, the girl he loved, and Cara helped her to escape.

Personality and traits Edit

As a Haken male, he was not allowed to carry a weapon, or even have a surname. Due to the brainwashing and oppression of the Anders, Fitch was a stupid young man who would rarely think for himself. Dalton Campbell noticed this and took advantage of it, using Fitch to perform tasks Dalton could not appear to be a part of. Although he knew his actions against Claudine Winthrop were wrong, his years of oppression made him believe in Dalton Campbell.

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