Franca Gowenlock was a sorceress, who was an associate of Dalton Campbell. She was burnt at the stake by Serin Rajak and Stein.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

As a young girl, Franca, ventured to the famous Wizard's Keep with her mother. While there, she even met with the great First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander.

Sometime after, Franca was attacked by a group of extremists, lead by Serin Rajak. Rajak and his followers believed that those with the power of the gift were disciples of the Keeper and therefore must be destroyed. Rajak attempted to hang Franca; however, she was able to escape with the use of her gift. She was left with a terrible scar for the remainder of her life due to the failed hanging.

Franca later came into contact with Dalton Campbell. Their friendship spanned fifteen years, though along the way Franca began to work in the employ of Dalton, using her gift, to gather information for him among other things. She also came to harbor a secret passion for Dalton sometime during their association.

The chimes Edit

After the release of the Chimes, Franca’s power faded away. She at first attributed it to other sorceresses who were jealous of her, but Zedd informed her that the Chimes had been loosed. As her power was gone, she could no longer provide her spying services to Dalton Campbell. She informed him that the chimes had been freed, and that all magic had failed.

Dalton used this opportunity to free Serin Rajak, in order to stir up anti-magic feelings that would turn the people of Anderith against Kahlan Amnell and Richard Rahl. Serin's first act after being freed, however, was to burn Franca to death as Dalton watched.

Personality and traits Edit

Franca had dark shoulder length hair and dark eyes that gave her a quality that made her seem as if she was somehow always standing in a shadow. It was said that when around Franca, the air always seemed cold and still. Despite beginning to wrinkle, she was said to be one of the most beautiful women one could know.

She wore her hair loose, yet it was swept back somewhat from her face. A small amount of grey streaked her temples, but this only served to add to her serious demeanor. Franca always wore a piece of fabric around her neck, at least two fingers wide. It was usually black velvet. It served to hide a terrible scar that encircled her neck.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Franca's powers were held in quite high regard in her homeland; indeed, she even believed women of "lesser talent" likely to conspire against her and cast magic upon her that would diminish the power of her gift. Franca, whilst conversing with Fitch, once professed the ability to create a spell that could force a person to become infatuated with another. She was strong enough in the gift to free herself from bonds and escape Serin Rajak and his followers the first time she encountered them, and was particularly skilled at using her gift to eavesdrop on the conversations of people; even those quite some distance away.