George Cypher was the step-father to Richard Rahl, having married Richard's mother. Richard grew up thinking that George was actually his real father.

History Edit

George Cypher played a key role in setting up events for the man that he'd call his son, Richard Rahl. George would come to marry her after Richard was born.

Shortly thereafter, he and then Prelate, Annalina Aldurren were able to find a way into the Wizard's Keep and steal the Book of Counted Shadows. George took this book back with him to Westland, where he had Richard memorize the book. Afterwards, the book was destroyed.

Years later, George was murdered by Darken Rahl as he searched for the Book of Counted Shadows. George's murder lead Darken Rahl to Richard, without the knowledge that Richard was actually Darken's son and heir to D'Hara.

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