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I’d be more inclined to call it a curse.

The Gift was the power of magic. One who possessed the gift was able to wield magic. These people were commonly referred to as the gifted. People such as wizards, sorceresss, and witch women were all gifted, though people who possessed a set type of magic or ability (like Confessors and Andolians) were not recognized as such. Those particular individuals were simply known as creatures of magic.

The gift was different from one person to the next. In some people, it manifested itself more strongly in certain areas. For example, a prophet had the ability to glimpse the future. Other wizards might have been more skilled at telekinesis, healing spells, or the construction of magical objects.

Power levels achieved by different gifted individuals could vary greatly. As a result, one gifted person might have been able to best another simply by combating the opponent with a superior level of strength. The more powerful the gifted person was, the more complex the webs they could cast became.

Those who could manipulate their gift were called the gifted, but even those who were unable to manipulate even the smallest spark of the gift were considered to have it. As such, they were still targetable by the power of magic. Only the pristinely ungifted, those without the tiniest spark of the gift, were unharmed by Additive magic. They could, however, be harmed by Subtractive magic. This was said to be because the pristinely gifted were still alive, and therefore still vulnerable to death. Death was said to be the power of Subtractive magic.

Gifted Sects[]

Sects, groups or organizations of the gifted included;

Common Abilities of the Gifted[]

Common powers which were possessed by the gifted included: