I have been a very foolish man. I have been far from the bestest man in the world. If only I had been wiser before, and remembered the things I was taught, my true duty, the reason I became a wizard in the first place...

Giller was a wizard of the Second Order. He was one of the students of First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, and Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell's assigned protector.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Wizard Giller was the only wizard under Zedd to achieve the level of ability necessary to be counted among the Second Order, his fellows only having the ability to become wizards of the Third Order. Unlike Zedd, Giller had the calling not the gift; Zeddicus used his gift to increase the spark of the gift within Giller so that he'd be able to wield magic.

Giller was originally the wizard designated to protect the Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell, while she took Confessions in the Midlands. They travelled together often, and at one time he revealed his fear of the Sisters of the Light to her. Giller also witnessed Kahlan's ability to command Confessed people to die on the spot.

Whilst travelling with Kahlan, Giller uncovered a plot with Kahlan that suggested that her half-sister Queen Cyrilla Amnell of Galea was the target of an intricate assassination plot. However, when the man Kahlan had Confessed was questioned further, a spell surrounding him activated and killed him.

Later, Giller accompanied the Mother Confessor to warn the Queen of the impending attempt on her life. Drefan Tross had been named as the assassin, and when Kahlan Confessed him Giller suspected he was surrounded by a spell preventing him from giving away information as well, a suspicion that proved correct.

At some point, being the highest ranking wizard at the Wizard's Keep, Giller created a stone hound in the hopes of driving away a woman who constantly pestered him.

Darken Rahl crisis Edit

Giller appeared to turn his back on the Confessor order when he sold his services to Queen Milena of Tamarang — an incomparably dishonorable action for a wizard — so he could protect the third Box of Orden from Darken Rahl, unbeknownst to everyone else, who thought he was trying to save himself.

The Queen held one of the three Boxes of Orden and was trading it to Darken Rahl in exchange for an increase in her power. Using his newfound influence in Tamarang to get the box away from the hands of Darken Rahl, Giller befriended Princess Violet's young slave, Rachel, and helped her smuggle the Box away from the palace.

When Darken Rahl came to Tamarang, he suspected Giller's involvement with the Box's disappearance and attempted to torture its whereabouts from him. Before Darken could get the information he needed from Giller, Giller took his own life by using a spell called Wizard's Life Fire. The spell was an attempt to injure — if not kill — Darken Rahl. It failed, although Giller did save the knowledge of the location of the Box.

Legend of the SeekerEdit

In Legend of the Seeker, Giller was first mentioned in "Puppeteer" as one of the three wizards of the first order born in a hundred years; one died, the other (him) works for Darken Rahl and the last one being Zedd. His first appearance was in "Home" where he cast a Spell of the Lying Moon for Darken Rahl. He was noted by Zedd as one of the only other wizards in world beside him to be able to work this kind of magic. He finally met his demise in "Conversion" when Kahlan killed him under the influence of the Con Dar. Phil Peleton portrayed Giller in the series.

Personality and traits Edit

Wizard Giller had large dark eyes, a bald head and a hooked nose. His long, white pointed beard and the way that he stuck his hands in the opposite sleeves of his robes caused him to appear very wizard-like. Giller's robes were typically long and silver.

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