The Great War was a fierce conflict fought between wizards of the New World and the Old World, that ended in 2,960 BCB. With the creation of the Towers of Perdition the two separate sides of the war were effectively closed off from one another. Even three thousand years after the conclusion of the great war, the ideas and happenings of that time continued to spark conflicts and dictate the course of history. Many tales are told of the great wizards of unimaginable power.

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The wizards of the New World firmly believed that people with the gift of magic had a right to live in peace and harmony with the world. The New World wizards believed that magic, when used responsibly, was a tool of good. On the other hand, the wizards and people of the Old World believed magic was a destructive tool, the taint of the keeper, that gave those who possessed it power over others that no one had a right to.

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Each side of the war was continuously looking for breakthroughs in magical warfare. Even the Old World wizards, who despised the very magic they were gifted with, made use of their skills to cause their enemies harm. Experiments on other wizards or human beings were seen as an effective way of creating new weapons to use against the opposition. Additive Magic was used to add to or create the traits or skills that would be required for the desired weapon and Subtractive Magic was used to take away those traits or skills that were not required. This was a very painful experience for the participant and in many cases they did not survive. However, when successfully altered into a weapon, these enhanced wizards or people could be an incredible menace to those fighting on the other side of the war and in many cases were quite deadly. The wizards of the Old World created the Miriswith, while the wizards of the New World created the Gars to combat the Miriswith, along with the Sliph and later the Confessors

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