The half people are a group of people who were created by Emperor Sulachan during the great war 3,000 years ago.

Overview Edit

They were made to be part of an endless army, each stronger than any ordinary soldier. To create them, Sulachan had to sever their souls from them, making them less than human. Doing this had an unexpected result - causing them to become ravenous whenever someone with a soul was around. They believed that by devouring one with a soul they could steal it from them as it was escaping the body.

During the war they were seen as too powerful and too many to fight. Eventually the wizards came up with a solution as best they could: gravity spells to draw them all to the Third Kingdom, trapping them there... temporarily. The people of Stroyza were left to watch the north wall for when they eventually escaped.

Children born to the half people are all born without souls as well.

Powers and abilities Edit

Their fighting style is severely different from how regular people fight. They rush in like a pack of wolves and all attack every man for himself, all hoping to be the one to claim the soul. They don't care about defending themselves and wear no armor, at most covering their face with an arm for protection. Many of them carry knives but are never seen drawing them, preferring to use their teeth over them.

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