Hannis Arc is a wizard from the village Fajin Province of D'Hara. He is the main antagonist in the new Richard and Kahlan series. His goal is to get revenge on the House of Rahl and rule D'Hara.

Biography Edit

Hannis Arc's father was the ruler of the Fajin Province of D'Hara. The Fajin Province was located in what was known in D'Hara as the "Dark Lands". The Dark Lands were a dangerous place and it was rumored that some of those who lived there were able to wield ancient occult magic . Panis Rahl, perceived this as a threat to his rule and ordered Hannis Arc's family's assassination. For this, Hannis Arc had vowed vengeance against the House of Rahl.

Hannis Arc's father, mother and older sister were subsequently murdered by Panis Rahl's assassins. Hannis Arc's mother hid him away, saving his life just before she was beaten to death by Panis Rahl's assassins.

As he rose to power, he was able to placate Darken Rahl by giving him the box of Orden that had been hidden away in the Dark Lands. This gift was of no value to Hannis Arc, but was coveted by Darken Rahl. As such, Hannis Arc was able to secure autonomy and favors from Darken Rahl.

War against the Imperial Order Edit

During the war between the D'Haran Empire against the Imperial Order, Hannis Arc sent troops from Fajin Province to aid in the war. This was done both to prevent his loyalties from being questioned, and to prevent the Imperial Order from gaining power and threatening to unravel his ambitions.

Appearances Edit

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