Harold Amnell, more widely known as Prince Harold, was the leader of the armies of Galea. His sister, Cyrilla Amnell, had been the Queen of Galea until her death. Through their father’s bloodline, both Harold and Cyrilla were half-siblings to Kahlan Amnell. Harold’s and Cyrilla’s parents were the former king and queen of Galea, Wyborn and Bernadine. Harold had no interest in the Crown and decided to leave it to his full-sister, Cyrilla. Harold then took up command of the armies.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

While Harold was still a young boy, King Wyborn was mated to the then-current Mother Confessor. Despite this, Queen Bernadine raised Harold and Cyrlla to respect the Confessors and what they represented. Unlike his sister, Cyrilla, who was raised to become Queen of Galea, Harold was raised to remain a Prince and take command of the Galean armies, which he eventually did.

Imperial Order War Edit

When the main force of the Imperial Order began its invasion of the Midlands, Kahlan asked Harold to gather the entire Galean army to meet with the rest of the D'haran Empire’s forces. Around this time, though, Cyrilla overcame her delusions and re-assumed her role as queen. She immediately declared that Galea would be neutral, forcing Harold to stand down and recall his troops. When Harold reported this to Kahlan, he was killed for treason against the D’Haran Empire. It is never revealed who actually killed Prince Harold, although he was killed by magical means. This indicates that he was killed by either Zedd, Warren, Adie, or Verna.

Personality and traits Edit

Although he disagreed with Queen Cyrilla’s refusal to allow Galean troops to assist the D'haran army, his blind loyalty to his sister and queen did not allow him to disobey her. He gave Queen Cyrilla what she wanted, not what she needed.

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