the small town of Hartland

For the Legend of the Seeker episode by the same name, see: Hartland (episode)

Hartland is a small town located in Westland.

Geography and government Edit

Hartland is one of the largest towns within the nation of Westland as well as one of the closest to the boundary. Hartland is nestled in the Hartland Valley of the Hartland Woods and is the center of government in Westland. Michael Cypher was a councilor of Hartland until the beginning of the series, at which time he was appointed as First Councilor of Westland. Hartland is about a 4 or 5 days' ride north from Southaven along Hawker's Trail.

City life Edit

The houses in the upper class section of town are large and spacious with huge yards. As one walks toward the commoners section of town the houses get smaller and closer together, but remain clean and well-kept, with white-fenced yards. The houses are usually kept in good repair, especially in the Winter. As one continues towards the boundaries of the town the white-fenced yards give way to larger garden plots in front of small cottages set farther back from the road.

Culture Edit

The town of Hartland has a prominent upper class, of which Michael Cypher was a part of.

Food Edit

Typical food of the upper class includes steaming sausages and meats, small ribs with a spice sauce, boiled potatoes, dried fish of several kinds, grilled fish, chicken, turkey, raw vegetables sliced into strips, cabbage and sausage soup, onion soup, spice soup, breads, cheeses, fruits, pies, cakes, wine, and ale. Other popular foods include fresh bread, carrots, berries, almonds, cheese, apples, and apple juice.

Clothes and appearance Edit

Typical female garb for the upper class include a blue silk dress with ruffles of white lace at the neck, cuffs, and down the front. Unlike the Midlands, all girls are allowed to keep their hair at any length they desire.