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Cover art for Heart of Black Ice

Heart of Black Ice is a novel written by Terry Goodkind and is the last book in Nicci Chronicles series. The pick up where the prior book Siege Of Stone ends. Heart of Black Ice was released on the 21st of January 2020 and the hardcover version contains 528 pages.


The Old World is being threatened by a war brought back to life after a millennium in status. The army of General Utros and the invading army of King Grieve have put asides their differences to wage war on conquering the Old World and afterwards setting their vision on the rest of the world. If Nicci can find her way from her detoured destination, Nathan and the remaining wizards of Ildakar help protect the hidden magic of Cliffwall from falling into the wrong hands while holding back those bent on conquest?


  • Nicci
  • Nathan Rahl
  • Bannon
  • General Utros
  • King Grieve
  • Emperor Argus