Henrik was a boy Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell met outside the People's Palace during the events of The Omen Machine.

Biography Edit

Sometime before the beginning of the novel, Henrik and his mother visited the Hedge Maid, Jit, in Kharga Trace of the Dark Lands in order to heal the boy of an illness. Unknown to Henrik and his mother at the time, the Hedge Maid placed a spell on him that would compel him to return to her. Richard and Kahlan meet Henrik in the market at the base of the People's Palace and believe his words are the delusions of a fever and tell his mother to seek help for the boy. As they prepare to leave, the boy scratches both Richard and Kahlan and then runs off.

He is chased all the way back to Jit by wild, dangerous dogs. After arriving, he is terrorized by Jit, her familiars, and Hannis Arc. Jit collects the skin from Kahlan that was stuck under his fingernails, but is unable to find any from Richard. He is then entombed within the walls of thorns and vines, where he is finally freed by Kahlan. As he flees the Hedge Maid's lair, he meets Richard, who tells him to find his friends and lead them to the Hedge Maid.

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