Holly was the granddaughter of Valdora. She was a gifted little girl who lived in Aydindril and sold honeycakes with her grandmother. She later became a novice of the Sisters of the Light after Nathan Rahl killed her grandmother to save Prelate Annalina.


Holly was with the D'Haran forces during the year Richard was held hostage in The Old World by Nicci. She helped make the powdered glass that would help the D'Haran forces survive the battle and relocate. During the preparations, Kahlan asked her how she was, she said she was cold which led Kahlan to invite her and some other young girls into her tent on several occasions to warm themselves up.

She was stabbed by Gadi but she was healed by the Sisters of the Light.

Personality and traits Edit

Holly was a sweet and caring young girl. Having grown up with the evil Valdora, Holly wanted to use her gift to heal people.

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