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While battling bandits to locate a group of kidnapped villagers, Cara is killed while chasing one of the men. Awakening in the underworld, she makes a bargain with Darken Rahl to return as a baneling so that she can continue to aid Richard. Richard's group locate and save the villagers who are being sold to banelings to be killed. They then learn that a merchant is selling a 'cure' for banelings. Locating the merchant, they discover that he's a conman who has been working with Zed's brother to sell a supply of 'shadow water' that had once belonged to Zed's father. The substance can indeed cure banelings, and Zed uses a magical printing press to create a map to the source of the water. While traveling to the well, Cara begins have difficulty locating 'evil men' to kill to keep herself alive. Eventually she is faced with the decision to kill one of her companions and chooses to kill Zed's brother. She can't follow through however and her secret is revealed to the others. Realizing his 'pointless' life was spared, Zed's brother kills himself to save Cara. In the underworld, Rahl tortures Zed's brother to learn the location of the shadow water. Rahl succeeds in destroying the source, but not before Richard saves enough water to restore Cara. Cara then revives Zed's brother, who is remorseful about the water's destruction. Thankful that his brother is alive, Zed and the others part ways with his brother believing he will do great things with his new life. Instead, Zed's brother reunites with the conman to continue swindling innocent villagers.

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Cara dies but returns as a baneling and Zedd seeks help to find a cure for her.

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  • Elisabeth Easther as Loni
  • Ted Raimi as Sebastian
  • Julia Croft as Arina
  • Otis Frizzell as Driver
  • Andrew Beattie as Kade
  • Callum Stembridge as D'Haran Soldier
  • Glen Levy as Confessed D'Haran
  • Jon Brazier as Thaddicus Zorander
  • Michael Morris (II) as Eagan



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