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The Imperial Order was the empire ruled by Emperor Jagang and founded through the Fellowship of Order by Brother Narev. The Order taught that mankind was evil and full of selfish desires. Emperor Jagang managed to bring his ideals to the entirety of the Old World and brought the once separate kingdoms under his controlled rule.


Jagang and Brother Narev claimed to work in the name of the Creator. They allowed their troops to murder, rape and steal from innocent people, saying that it was the duty of all to bend to the will of others in need. People were brainwashed with the promise of a better world after death and that their current life was worthless. Anyone who spoke out against these thoughts were quickly put to death, being accused of treason against the Creator.

The Imperial Order despised magic and those who were gifted with it. They sought to end magic itself, although Jagang himself was a Dream walker and possessed magic. The Order had no qualms in using magic to further its ends. Jagang used his talents to enslave the minds of many gifted individuals and uses them against their will to wreak havoc on innocent life.


The Imperial Order was formed by Brother Narev, trying to enslave people to do his will, claiming it is the will of the Creator. He met Jagang when Jagang tried to pickpocket Brother Narev. 

Key figures[]

  • Brother Narev - He is the stern leader of the Fellowship of the Order. His ideas and visions are the progenitors of the Order. He was killed by Richard Rahl.
  • Emperor Jagang - Jagang is the enforcer of Brother Narev and the Fellowship's views and beliefs. He is a very ruthless man and commands millions of soldiers bent on imposing the principles of the Order. He was executed by Nicci, through a Rada'Han.
  • Fellowship of the Order - A sect in the Old World led by Brother Narev. They are the visionaries and philosophers who preached the beliefs of the Order, thus igniting the war when the Great Barrier fell. They were all either eradicated or sent to a distant world by Richard Rahl.