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Irena is Samantha's mother and grew up in the town of Stroyza. She was the last gifted adult in the town after the others disappeared. She was eventually captured by the Half people and taken into the Third Kingdom. Samantha managed to rescue her along with Richard.

Irena had occult abilities and was working with Abbot Ludwig Dreier. She killed her entire family and even had her husband eaten by a hoard of half people. She killed Zedd when he discovered that she was writing in her journey book. Richard discovered the journey book Dreier had and discovered that its twin was the book that Irena kept concealed. On discovering that Irena was responsible of Zedds death, he strangled and killed her in a fit of fury.

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Irena has the traits of a classic psychopath -- someone who can emulate human emotions without possessing any real capacity for empathy or human attachment (a real life example is the infamous H.H.Holmes). It's also possible that she was a baneling, like Prindin (from Stone of Tears), considering that the rest of her family seemed normal and became easy victims. Despite those two vague possibilities, they were not confirmed, nor was the nature of her evil ever explained.

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