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Jagang was the Emperor of the Imperial Order and the first dream walker born since the great war. He used this innate ability to enslave gifted Sisters of both the Light and Dark and forced them to use their powers to further his causes. Jagang believed in the ideals of the Fellowship of Order and allowed his soldiers to brutalize and rape innocents as they saw fit. He was eventually captured and killed by Nicci who used a Rada'Han as planned by Richard. He was buried unmarked in a mass grave according to book one of the Nicci Chronicles.



In the great war three thousand years ago, the two sides fought for freedom and an ending to magic. Those who were fighting for freedom pushed the others back into the Old World, and sealed them behind a powerful shield forever. But a spy at the Wizard' Keep, Lothain, went into the Temple of the Winds after the war had ended to make sure that another dream walker would again walk the world. That caused the red moon, but no one cared about that, except First Wizard Baraccus. He went back to the Temple of the Winds to undo what Lothain had done, but there was no way to. Instead he made it so that in three thousand years, when the dream walker would also be born, another War Wizard would be born to stop the cause of those who embraced death.
The dream walker that was born was Jagang, while the War Wizard who would stop him was Richard Rahl.

Early life[]

As a young boy Jagang was nothing more than a street thug living in the alleys of Altur'Rang. One day he saw a wealthy-looking man and decided to kill him and take his money. The man turned to him and simply smiled, knowing he could kill the boy with a thought. Instead, he flicked the boy a coin and was on his way. Jagang had several encounters with the same man before one day he finally asked why the man hadn't killed him.

Brother Narev, as the man was called, told Jagang of the philosophies of the Fellowship of Order and took him as his protege, possibly seeing the hidden talent of a dream walker within Jagang, teaching him everything he knew, eventually placing him as the Emperor of the entire Imperial Order while Narev himself became the spiritual leader of the Order.

As Jagang's mastery of his talent grew, he used his ability as a dream walker to crawl into gifted people's minds and bend them to his will. Over the next twenty years, Jagang would patiently usurp control of the entire Old World. Jagang even walked the halls of the Palace of the Prophets in the minds of young wizards, learning everything he could of prophecy.

Imperial Order War[]

During the Imperial Order War, Jagang let his forces ravage the countryside unchecked, and they destroyed everything in their path. They were allowed to rape, kill, and murder anyone regardless of age or sex if they were people of a city that did not surrender to him, similar to the Mongols under Genghis Khan. If the town or settlement surrendered to his forces, he put heavy taxes or tributes on them. They would soon die of starvation or be murdered if they could not keep up with the demands of Jagang's massive army.

Many thought Jagang to be a monster-he was nothing short of a genius. He was a brilliant military strategist who made a note of his enemies and how they moved their troops and tried to counter their maneuvers in order to decimate their forces.

The Sisters captured by Jagang were submitted to many horrors, such as servicing the men of the army's sexual needs against their will and regular beatings for the crime of being born with the gift.


After Richard accepted Jagang's offer, he marched to the Garden of Life with the Sisters of the Dark to unleash the power of Orden. Rather than stay and watch the sisters invoke the power, he chose to see Nicci who was imprisoned to have her. However he was tricked as Nicci stripped his powers, controlled him and eventually killed him as the Sisters were consumed by the power of Orden. He was ordered to be buried, unmarked along with the others slain in the war-signaling the end of the Imperial Order.

Personality and traits[]

How should I sign it?"
"What would make Jagang the most angry - or worried?"
"Signed, the Mother Confessor.
Verna and Captain Zimmer, writing a declaration of war to Jagang[src]

Jagang was a stout man of average height with massive arms and chest. His head was shaved bald, increasing his already imposing appearance, while his eyes were completely black with no pupils, whites or irises. Jagang's neck was thick and often described as resembling that of a bull's. A gold ring halfway up his left ear was connected to another gold ring on the flare of his left nostril by a thin gold chain. Half a dozen gold and jeweled chains were prominently displayed on his massive chest and his thick fingers bore gold and silver rings.

Although many viewed Jagang as a crude barbarian, he had a very shrewd and sharp intellect. He was adept and knowledgeable in military tactics and maneuvers and had an above average understanding and of concepts on the workings of magic. He was also very adept in poisoning common people's minds into serving him. Jagang did not care about his men as long as they were loyal and served him to their dying breath.

As the protégé of the founder and spiritual leader of the Fellowship of Order, Brother Narev, Jagang was a firm believer that mankind was evil and that people should bend to the will of others in need, no matter the cost to themselves. For example, if a man had an urge for a woman, in Jagang's view, it was the woman's duty to allow him to exercise those urges. The obvious question of the man logically considering the woman's needs according to his own philosophy never crossed the emperor's mind.

Powers and Abilities[]