Jit was a Hedge Maid from Kharga Trace in the Dark Lands of D'Hara.

Biography Edit

Jit's lair is made up of rooms and hallways within a swamp, created by the vines and thorns from the swamp. Many of the people who seek her out are never seen again, as she captures them and imprisons them within the thorns of her walls, where they slowly die. She and her familiars feed on these people, and after they die, she can use them to attack intruders. Like all Hedge Maids, her mouth is sewn shut.

Jit uses her magic to force Henrik to obtain skin samples from Richard and Kahlan, and then forces him to return to her by sending malevolent dogs to chase him back to Kharga Trace. She is able to use Kahlan's skin to force her to come to Kharga Trace where she is captured and imprisoned within Jit's vine and thorn walls. She is eventually killed by Richard Rahl when he cuts open her mouth, causing her to scream, killing her, her familiars, and any people still alive within the walls.

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