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Journey Books are magical books which allow for rapid long-distance communication. Journey Books operate as pairs. What is written in one book instantly appears in its "twin", regardless of the distance between them. They are primarily used by the Sisters of the Light, who used them to stay in touch with the Palace of the Prophets when they were away looking for gifted boys to be brought back to be trained as wizards.

Verna Sauventreen used a Journey Book on her 20 year trip to the New World to find Richard Rahl. Later, Verna and Annalina Aldurren regularly communicated using Journey Books, to tell each other of their various missions.

Journey Books are considered extremely rare and valuable, from the time of great wizards, no doubt possessing Additive and Subtractive magic. Richard found the twin to Joseph Ander's journey book, Mountain's Twin, and was able to use it to send the Chimes back to the Underworld.

Zedd has no love for Journey Books, and wondered why people didn't just "send messengers like normal people". The Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell, once threw Ann's journey book in the fire, angry that she would always allow prophecy to rule her, and thought that gave her the right to control the lives of others. That Journey Book was later repaired however, and the books themselves have proved to be a valuable asset to various struggles throughout the war with the Imperial Order.

Behind the Scenes[]

Journey Books appear in Legend of the Seeker, where they are used by Darken Rahl to communicate with his troops. In order for the magic of a Journey Book to work, the message must be written in blood.