Kadar Kardeef was the former commander of an Imperial Order outpost.


Early LifeEdit

Kadar was the hero of the Imperial Order's "Little Gap" campaign.

Imperial Order WarEdit

During a mission to punish a village for not contributing to the cause of the Impreial Order, he is betrayed by Nicci. The Sorceress commands Kadar's men, after displaying her power by destroying some soldiers, to strip him and put him to cook as a pig.

However, once the Order left, he was saved by the villagers before he was cooked completely. He didn't return to the Imperial Order, however, and instead went to live in Altur'Rang as a beggar. During his time living at the heart of the Old World, he re-encountered Nicci and asked her to please kill him. Though he begged, Nicci didn't comply with his wishes and left him to suffer in whatever remained of his life.

Weeks later, when Richard's statue, Life, was exposed to the world and the people that had seen it revolted against Brother Narev and his disciples, Kadar reappeared to Nicci inside the palace The Retreat. Bitter and enraged, he captured her and tried to strangle Nicci, who had used the Maternity spell on Kahlan Amnell and disabled her from using her magic. Kahlan, because of the effect of the spell inflicted on her, choked as well while Kadar dragged the Sorceress away. Cara, seeing what was happening to the Mother Confessor, went after Kadar. When Cara found him, Kadar was trying to burn Nicci alive. She crashed onto them both, sending them all rolling as the air filled with flames. Nicci rolled into water, putting out the flames, while Kadar lunched himself at Cara with a torch. Before he could get to the Mord-Sith, Nicci grabbed the torched with both of her hands and smashed against Kadar's face. The flames soon spread through his whole body while his dying, horrifying screams filled the air.

Appearances Edit