An unknown female Confessor, who served as Mother Confessor of all the Midlands in the years after the creation of the boundaries, was also the mother of Kahlan Amnell.


Early Life Edit

While looking for a mate, the Mother Confessor came across Wyborn Amnell, the King of Galea. Seeing that he was a man that would make the perfect father to her child, she asked the permission of his wife Queen Bernadine, though she did not need to do this, to take him as her mate. Bernadine granted her permission, and the Mother Confessor wed Wyborn.

Wyborn was taken by the Mother Confessor's power during their love making, which eventually resulted in a daughter, Kahlan. Sometime before Kahlan's birth however, the Mother Confessor met with a powerful sorceress named Adie, who gave her a necklace to wear, the magic of which would protect her daughter.

Wyborn, on his mistresses orders, taught Kahlan everything he knew of warfare, combat and other such things. The Mother Confessor at the same time taught Kahlan of what it meant to be a Confessor.

Eventually, however, she would contract a dreadful wasting disease and quickly died, leaving Kahlan without a mother before she reached womanhood. Wyborn, at hearing the news of his mistresses death, also died.

As a result of her early death, she was not able to teach Kahlan how to invoke the Confessor's power of the Con Dar or Blood Rage.

Legacy Edit

Many years after her mothers death, Kahlan herself ascended to the position of Mother Confessor. Whilst occupying this position, she recalled the teachings of her mother, in the hopes of living up to her example. She often lived by the sense of duty that was instilled upon her by her mother, often believing all that she could have was duty.

When Kahlan's lover Richard Rahl travelled to the Temple of the Winds many years later, he encountered the spirit of Kahlan's mother and spoke briefly with her about her daughter in hopes to convince Richard to return to the world of life.

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