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Lidmilla was a venerable Sister of the Light who was captured by Emperor Jagang during the Imperial Order War. Later, when Sister Nicci abandoned the Imperial Order army, Lidmilla taught the wayward Sister about the maternity spell.


In her centuries as a Sister of the Light, Lidmilla compiled a knowledge of arcane aspects of magic that few could comprehend. It was said that among the Sisters only Prelate Annalina Aldurren had a knowledge of magic to surpass her. Lidmilla often spoke with the Prelate about passing on her knowledge, and considered Sister Nicci among the few younger Sisters with both a keen enough mind and the vast amount of magical ability necessary to learn the dangerous spells she could teach.

Sister Lidmilla was one of the many unfortunate Sisters of the Light that did not learn of the bond of fealty to Richard Rahl that allowed a person to stay free of Jagang's powers as a dream walker. As such, the emperor was able to infiltrate her mind and force her to serve the Imperial Order during its war with the D'Haran Empire. The Sisters captured by Jagang were submitted to many horrors such as servicing the men of the armies' sexual needs against their will, and regular beatings for the crime of being born with the gift. Lidmilla was often used as an errand runner by Emperor Jagang as it amused him to use a woman with such extensive knowledge and talent with the gift for something so trivial.

When Sister Nicci was able to free herself from Jagang's mental powers, she began formulating a plan to capture Richard Rahl himself. In order to do so, she decided to take Sister Lidmilla up on her old offers to teach her about arcane magic, specifically the maternity spell.