Liliana was a Sister of the Dark. Liliana was one of Richard Rahl's instructors at the Palace of the Prophets and the one he liked best. She killed Sister Margaret, who had discovered the existence of the Sisters of the Dark, after she had gained the male Han. Liliana attempted to steal Richard's gift, though she made it seem she was trying to remove his Rada'Han, though Richard defeated her in battle when he realized her treachery. After her death it was revealed that she was endlessly tortured by The Keeper.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Liliana, besides the brief glimpse we are given of her in the second book, and a brief mention in the third. Like most of the Sisters of the Dark, she was capable of putting on a very affable front that immediately endeared her to Richard during their lessons at the Palace, and he felt that, although he did not make much more progress with her training than with the others, she was the best of his teachers.

In reality, Liliana was exceptionally greedy, even by the standards of such schemers as Sister Ulicia and Sister Tovi. At the beginning of the second book, it is Liliana who we see receiving the gift from the namble, and having already gained that, she lusts after Richard's power for her own as well.

Liliana seems to have some small knowledge of blacksmithing, at least from an arcane perspective, as she had Jedidiah forge a magical sword made from the points of one hundred swords that had drawn blood, and killed, in combat. This sword seems to be particularly special, since it is one of the only weapons ever mentioned that could withstand a direct blow from the Sword of Truth. She was also at least proficient with that sword, as she was able to fight on relatively level ground with Richard.

Personality and traits Edit

Liliana had attractive, yet simple, bony looks and thin lips. Her eyes were a peculiar pale blue, with purple flecks through them. Many people found those eyes unsettling. Though she came across as down to earth and caring, she was in fact a woman of boundless greed. Her lust for personal power is what cost her her life and the Sisters of the Dark their element of surprise.

Magical Abilties Edit

Lilianna was a sorceress and a Sister of the Light who was born with the gift for Additive Magic. Later when she became a Sister of the Dark and went through the ritual with a Namble she gained the use for Subtractive Magic and absorbed the male Han. Lilianna nearly killed Richard and absorbed his War Wizard gift, and if she succeeded she would have been the most powerful being in the world. She was also a capable swordsman being able to fight on par with Richard in a swordfight. The abilities she demonstrated include:

  • Air Manipulation: she could fire powerful dense blasts of air capable of smashing through shields made of air. She can also move objects by covering them with hardedned air.
  • Additive Magic: she can fire blasts of flames and lightning.
  • Sword-Combat: capable of fighting on par with Richard in a swordfight.
  • Subtractive Magic: she can shoot bolts of Black Lightning. During her fight with Richard she caused several of their surroundings to vanish.

Appearances Edit

  • Stone of Tears (First appearance)
  • Blood of the Fold (Mentioned only)
  • "Perdition" (Legend of the Seeker- Sister Liliana was the seventh of the eight sisters of the dark revealed to the Prelate by Sister Nicci. Liliana was killed in the same episode.)