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What kind of plans would the Master Rahl have? I plan to conquer the world.
―Richard Rahl[src]

Lord Rahl is the title given to the leader of D'Hara, who is always a gifted male of the House of Rahl. During the Imperial Order War, the Lord Rahl was either Richard Rahl, or his ancestor Nathan Rahl, depending on the situation. Richard, however, was recognized as the official Lord Rahl at the time and Nathan was only temporarily appointed when the bond to Richard was not available. One of the earliest known Lords Rahl was Alric Rahl. Alric Rahl created the bond that the people of D'Hara has to the Lord Rahl. The purpose of the bond was to protect his people from the power and influence of the dream walkers. Anybody who sincerely gives the devotion to the Lord Rahl is then bonded to him. Pure blood D'Harans feel a stronger connection to the bond than those who aren't pure blood. Those D'harans who are strongest in the bond have the ability to sense where the Lord Rahl is at all times through it. Lord Rahl is a dictator, having power over his domain in all ways. He is also known as Master Rahl and Father Rahl.

Lineage of known Lord Rahls[]

Alric Rahl was Lord Rahl during the time of the great war.
A gifted prophet, taken by the Sisters of the Light. Has had to take on the title of Lord Rahl on the occasions that Richard was absent or without his gift. Nathan is a distant ancestor of Richard's, still alive thanks to the aging spell on the Palace of the Prophets.
Panis Rahl was a descendant of Alric Rahl. He was killed by Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander's wizard's fire as the Boundary dividing the Midlands and D'Hara was rising. The same blast also badly burned young Darken Rahl, leaving him scarred. In the Legend of the Seeker series Panis is thought to have been killed by his son Darken Rahl.
Father of Richard Rahl. In Legend of the Seeker he is Richard Rahl's brother.
Has on three occasions lost the title of Lord Rahl:
  1. When he "left" the world of the living by entering the Temple of the Winds
  2. When he lost both sides of his gift.
  3. When he traveled to the underworld while preparing to open the Boxes of Orden.